Barbara I. Kazmierczak
Barbara I. Kazmierczak
Gustavus and Louise Pfeiffer Research Foundation M.D.-Ph.D. Program Director and Professor of Medicine (Infectious Diseases) and of Microbial Pathogenesis
Yale School of Medicine


University of Chicago, 1986, BA, Biological Sciences and 1986, MS, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology;  Rockefeller University, 1993, PhD, Genetics; Weill Cornell University Medical College, 1994, MD, Medicine

Professional Area

The regulation and function of bacterial cell wall-spanning nanomachines, including Type 3 secretion systems, flagella, and pili; cell wall homeostatic mechanisms that underlie bacterial antibiotic resistance; innate immune recognition of bacterial signatures associated with virulence; human clinical infectious diseases; physician-scientist training.


For seminal contributions to our understanding of how virulence-associated bacterial Type 3 Secretion Systems are recognized by the NLRC4 inflammasome, as well as the first characterization of a human syndrome associated with a gain-of-function NLRC4 mutation.